History According to Bob

History Of Venice Vol 1 Origin To Fall Of Constantinople 1204
This CD covers the begins of Venice and takes her through the Crusades up to 1204. CD has 31 shows for a total of almost 5 and hours of listening. Topics include; Election of the Doge, The Exarchate of Ravenna, Rape of the Brides, Venetian Arsenal, all of the reigns of the Doges from the 1st throguh Enrico Dandolo and the various shows on the capture and sacking of Constantinople by the 4th Crusade.See the next page for full details

History Of Venice Vol 2 1204 To Fall of Republic 1797
This Cd has over 4 hours of shows covering Venice after the Fall of Constantinople during the 4th Crusade to its demise under the conquest of Venice by Napoleon in 1797. Topics include Venice during the Plagye 1342 to 1361, Wars with Genoa, Condottieres, Fall Constantinople 1453, Courtesans of Venice, Venetian Painting, Bianca Cappello, all the Doges from 1205 to 1797 and Battle of Lepanto and a lot in between. In all there are 27 shows in mp3 format on this disc. Each show a list the sources that play at the end.

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