History According to Bob

Ottoman Empire Vol 1 Osman I to Suleiman I
This Cd has over 7 and 1/2 hours of shows covering rise of the Ottoman Turks to the great Suleiman I with a lot inbetween. Topics include Seljuk Turks, Ottoman Gov(2 parts), Ottoman Civil War, Murad I, Mehmed II, Battle for Constantinople(5 parts), topkapi Palace history, Ottoman Expansion Phase, Suleiman reign and much much more. In all there are 41 shows in mp3 format on this disc. Each show a list the sources that play at the end.

Ottoman Empire Vol 2 Selim II to Turkish Republic
This CD has 43 shows totaling over 6 and one half hours of listening .Some of the topics covered include; a six part series on the life of Mustapha Kemal, Battle of Lepanto, Siege of Vienna, Turkish War of Independence, Crimean War and all the sultans from Selim II to the creation of the Turkish Republic and much much more. In all there are 43 shows in mp3 format on this disk. (shows edited to remove the Don’t forget mantra at the shows end)

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