History According to Bob

War of 1812 Vol 1 War During 1812 and 1813
This Cd has over 6 and 1/2 hours of shows covering the actions that led up to the war of 1812 between Britain and the United States to the end of 1813 with the British in full counterattack mode. Topics include Overview of each year 1812 and 1813, chronology, US Navy vs Brit Navy, American Strategy, Hull Expedition(3 parts),Battle Queeston, Naval War in 1812, Constitution vs the Guerriere, Brit Blockade of 1813, Massacre at Raisin River, Battle Lake Erie(3 parts), Battle of the Thames and British Counterattack and a lot in between. In all there are 39 shows in mp3 format on this disc. Each show a list the sources that play at the end.

War of 1812 Vol 2 War 1814 Through 1815
This Cd has 39 shows covering the entire period from 1814 through the end of the War of 1812. This Cd has over 6 and hours of shows covering such topics as Battle Lundy's lane, Battle Plattsburg. Burning Washington, Fort McHenry, Battle of North Point, Indian Wars, Peace Talks, Treaty Ghent, Three Battles of New orleans, Hartford Convention and much much more. The shows are all numbered in the order they were shown on History According to Bob so you could just turn this CD on and listen to the entire end of the War of 1812 as it passes into history. These shows have had the "So I hope you enjoyed that" mantra edited out but will still have the list of sources for the podcast

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